SCHOOL of STYLE blog is a perfect place for girls and women that brings specific fashion tips and daily dose of inspiration regarding dress code and professional advice about creating personal style, including tips for shopping and events. It also focuses on makeup and hair styling, lifestyle, home decor and travel experiences.



Alenka has been working in the fashion business for over 20 years. She has worked her way up from being a stylist and an editor in Žena and Život magazine to being a fashion director of Elle and eventually, she set up her own business –  a fashion agency Škola stylu. She contributes to the webpage www.schoolofstyle.blog with outfit posts and articles about fashion and style. She is the main organizer of custom tailored business trainings and she presents theoretical classes about styling and personal style. Alena loves tennis, reading detective stories, big cars, design, quality clothing and long sleep.


For any questions, collaborations, brand partnerships and advertising please contact alenka@skolastylu.cz.